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A wide range of Writing Boards: magnetic-cum-writing boards, ordinary marker boards (white) and chalk boards(green, black or blue).If you need a display board, choose a fabric board(Infopanel), letter board (Dataline, Datapress or Magnetic board), Cork board, or a combination of any two. For your corporate office – check out our conference board, Info-Organiser, Translide Displays, etc. For the administrative end, see security boards and key boards too. Other management aids include planners, nameplates, podia, snapup frames, etc. At the reception for the hospitality sector, Lobby stands ( brass / stainless steel/acrylic) are indispensible. To maximize the utility and convenience of these boards, select the stands which suit your purpose best: Single pole stand (round based stand or star based stand), Twinpole stand, Heavy duty stand , easel stand (three legged), low-and-angled stand, lectern stand, folding stands, simple reverse V or reverse U stands. Available in powder coated or Stainless Steel Looking for panels to display materials at an exhibition or road show? See our Multipanels, Flash, DIM, Infobook, Ecodisplay, Posterpegs, Scrollup,…. For convenient display of a range of literature and other materials, also see our magazine stands, book stands (fixed / rotating), card stands , newspaper stands, Z stand, Acrylic displayers and dispensers. Furniture includes chairs, school desks (benches), seminar chairs (metal), book trucks (metal) etc. Need a Kiosk or temporary booth – we can help you. Our popups are also very attractive, sturdy and effective: Deflex, Flash, Display-in-Minutes, etc. For the showroom or office or home – we have some modular kits and exhibition display systems. In any teaching center or institute, our audio-visual trolleys (adjustable with electric extension) are a must. The Movitrol is great for moving equipment or goods. In any place where there is movement of people, guiding systems become essential – Directers, Infostacks, and a range of customized signages.
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